Capstone Project


CC Image Apr 27: Mindmaps By John Keane






  1. 4:43 First thing you see when opening unity editor
  2. 9:09 Hierarchy View
  3. 11:50 Inspector View
  4. 16:58 Project View
  5. 25:30 Scene View
  6. 34:25 Top Buttons
  7. 42:32 Game View
  8. 45:23 Movement Buttons



CC Image Mind Map By Andrew Kramer

Top Down Survival Shoot: In this game it will be a 2d almost 3d game. You will be tasked with different quests and objectives to get better unlock better weapons and characters and get to the next area.

CC Image Mind Map 2 By Andrew Kramer


PvP Card Game: In this game you will open chests to get better cards. With those cards you will play other players and the better you get the higher in arena and the better prizes you will get.

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